The organization was established as the “Baltimore Association of Consulting Psychologists” in the early 1960s to represent and advance psychology as a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare.  A secondary mission was its responsibility to perpetuate the professional training of its members and to seek means by which it could provide professional consultation services for the community.  Besides the usual executive officers – President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, there were various standing committees – nominations, membership, professional ethics, program and community consultation and service.  In the mid 1980’s, an additional effort was undertaken to create divisions to represent special interests of members.

This format continued until the late 1990s at which time the Association decided to change its formal name to the Baltimore Psychological Association.  In concert with this effort were discussions among the group to:  establish a University of Baltimore – Lassen Scholarship Fund – on behalf of George Lassen, one of the original founders of BPA; cultivate a pro bono volunteer service; develop a BPA directory; explore a mentoring project concept; and to expand its outreach to other mental health providers, including clinical professional counselors and social workers.  In addition, the Association has made public declarations relative to current events such as the September 11 terrorist attack and same sex marriages to reflect the concerns and posture of the group.

The continuing education agenda over the years has been eclectic and responsive to current issues within the field of psychology and mental health.  During the last few years, the subjects have included spirituality and career development, treating adult survivors of sexual abuse, rehabilitation memory, psychosocial approaches to anger management, using cognitive therapy with couples, clinical issues related to obesity and compulsive eating, current psychological issues facing lesbian/gay clients, ethics and risk management, etc.    The current year’s agenda includes similar offerings in addition to selected issues in group psychotherapy, sexual behavior problems and disorders, executive functioning disorders, and of course, HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

More recent members who have held officer positions withinthe Association include the following individuals:

Year President VP Treasurer Secretary
2021Michael AdlerDavid RothLois MeszarosCindy Hunter
2020Michael AdlerHarvey GewanterLois Meszaros Cindy Hunter
2019Susan Rockwell CampbellJim DasingerLois MeszarosCindy Hunter
2018 Susan Rockwell Campbell Deborah Cole Lois Meszaros Cindy Hunter
2017Barbara BaumDavid RothLois MeszarosCindy Hunter
2016Barbara BaumDavid Roth Lois Meszaros Cindy Hunter
2015Barbara BaumDavid RothLois Meszaros
2014Jim DasingerLois MeszarosBeth Frederick
2013James McTamneyTrinitas Bochini Lois Meszaros Jacqueline Hutcheson
2012James McTamneyTrinitas BochiniLois MeszarosShawn Hales
2011 Susan Campbell Trinitas Bochini Lois Meszaros Christy Harnett
2010Morris Lasson Trinitas Bochini Lois Meszaros Virginia N. Iannone
2009James F. Dasinger
David Roth Lois Meszaros Virginia N. Iannone
2008Susan R. CampbellJames F. DasingerCarolyn Battle Harlan K. Zinn
2007Susan R. Campbell James F. Dasinger Carolyn Battle Harlan K. Zinn
2006 Ken Morgen Susan R. Campbell Harlan K. Zinn Kathryn Neel
2005Ken Morgen Susan R. Campbell Harlan K. Zinn Kathryn Neel
2004Barbara Baum David Roth Ed FahrmeierFrank Gunzburg
2003Barbara Baum David Roth Ed FahrmeierShawn Hales
2002Grady Dale, Jr. Shawn Hales Karen Cruise Kathryn Bugbee
2001 Grady Dale, Jr. Karen Cruise Henrietta Hestick
2000Grady Dale, Jr. Paula Derry Karen Cruise Henrietta Hestick
1999Bina Raval
1998Lynn Collins Samual Stern Ed FahrmeierBina Raval
1997Lois Meszaros Renata Wewerka Ken Morgen Lynn Collins
1996 Lois Meszaros Ken MorganLouis ZinnLynn Collins
1995Harold Shinitzky David Roth Wayne BohannonRoger Fink
1994Peter Demuth Harold Shinitzky Louis ZinnGeorge Lassen
1993Nancy Funk George Lassen Louis ZinnPeter Demuth
1992Barbara Baum Renate Weweika Ed FahrmeierHarold Shinitzky
1991Barbara Baum Renate WeweikaEd FahrmeierCindy Mendelson