Baltimore Psychological Association

Continuing Education Workshops

 All workshops are on Sunday from 2 to 5 pm

at the Community College of Baltimore County, Owings Mills Campus (Currently over Zoom).

ADHD in Life and in Love: Treating Couples When One Partner Has ADHD Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA
2/21/21 Mindfulness for Clients and Ourselves: Concepts, Benefits, and PracticesKris Bronson, PhD
3/21/21 Child, Adolescent, Family Work Briana Quinlan, LCSW-C
4/18/21 Working with African American Women & Men in Psychotherapy (Diversity)Angela Clack, PsyD, LPC
5/16/21What our patient have taught usJames Gormally, PhD
6/13/21 Trauma Informed Models of CareMaria Mouratidis, PsyD
9/19/21 Grief and the Autism Spectrum Disorder Kyle Johnson, PhD
10/17/21Ethics Issues When Working With Adults (Ethics)Colleen Byrne, PhD
11/21/21Social Media and the Mental Health ProfessionalDinah Miller, MD
12/19/21Mental Health Problems in AthletesKim Anderson, PhD and Amy Gooding, PhD

Previous Workshops:

12/20/20 The Treatment of People Living with Schizophrenia in Community Mental Health Ann Hackman, MD
11/15/20 Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Planning for Treatment and Implementing Components of Evidence-Based Therapies Tana Hope, Ph.D.
10/18/20 Redefining Aging: Successful Aging and Compassionate Care Giving (Diversity) Ann Kaiser Stearns, Ph.D.
9/13/20 Gender 201: Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Gender Variant Individuals Kate Thomas, Ph.D.
6/14/20 Law & Ethics in a Changing World: What Can I Do? Richard Bloch, Esq.
5/17/20 Sex, Love and Relationships: A Potpourri of Strategies to Work With Couples Amy Miron, M.S. and Charles Miron, Ph.D.
4/19/20 Neuropsychiatric, Behavioral and Cognitive Aspects of Parkinson's Disease Howard Weiss, MD
2/16/20 Strategies for Clinicians to Manage Vicarious Trauma Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D.
1/19/20 Evaluation of the Adolescent Sexual OffenderMichael Adler, Ed.D.
12/15/19 Gender 101Kate Thomas, Ph.D.
11/17/19 The Insanity Defense. Perspectives on the Legal Aspects of PsychopathologyJim Dasinger, Ed.D.
10/27/19 Echo and Narcissus: Myth as a Way to Understand Relationships with a NarcissistDiane Pomerantz, Ph.D.
9/22/19 Positive Psychology Jim Dasinger, EdD and Susan Campbell, PhD
6/23/19 The Life and Work of Dr. Viktor Frankl: An Introduction Jay Levinson, Ph.D.
5/19/19 The Role of an Integrative Approach and Creativity in Psychotherapy: Theory and StrategiesCharlie Citrenbaum, Ph.D.
4/7/19 Strategies for the Clinical Management of Non-Suicidal Self-InjuryMaria Mouratidis, Psy.D.
3/24/19 Advice Giving in Psychotherapy: Is it Advised? Clara Hill, Ph.D.
2/17/19 Managing Risk In Everyday Practice: The Ethics of being a Psychologist in the Real WorldMichael Heitt, Psy.D.
1/20/19Pain Management Doesn't Have to HurtJoseph Eisenberg, Ph.D
12/16/18Understanding and Treating Adults with ADHDDenise H. Bike, Ph.D.
11/18/18 OCD: Biology and TreatmentGerald Nestadt, MBBCh, MPH
10/21/18 Transcranial Magnetic StimulationHanita Sawhney Chhabra, MD
9/16/18 Medical PsychologyPeter Smith, PsyD, Marla Sanzone, PhD, and Sam Dutton, PhD
7/15/18 Reframing the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Peter Musser, Ph.D.
6/10/18 Group Psychotherapy in a Multicultural World
Reginald Nettles, Ph.D.
5/20/18 A Short Term Therapy for Treatment Resistant Patients Maurice Joseph, Ph.D.
4/15/18 DBT and Substance Use Disorders Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D.
3/18/18 Helping Grieving People When Tears Are Not Enough Shep Jeffreys, Ed.D.
2/25/18Records, Social Media and the Digital World of Psychology! A Legal & Ethical UpdateRichard Bloch, Esq.
12/17/17Mental Considerations for Working with African American YouthWhitney Hobson, Psy.D.
11/19/17Clinician Self-Care and ResiliencyRobert Wicks, Psy.D.
10/15/17Keeping Your Memory SharpGeorge Rebok, Ph.D.
9/17/17Using Dreams in PsychotherapyClara Hill, Ph.D.
7/16/17Mindfulness & Self-Compassion to Enhance OCD TreatmentJon Hershfield, MFT
6/25/17Dealing with Differences: How culture impacts the helping relationshipJames Gormally, Ph.D.
5/21/17Family TherapyMariana Martinez, Psy.D.
3/19/17Treatment of Sexual Disorders and Reproductive Problems: Part II – Focus on the MaleWilliam Petok, Ph.D.
2/26/17Beyond Jihad: Understanding the Muslim WorldDurriya Meer, Psy.D.
1/29/17PerfectionismElspeth Bell, Ph.D.
12/18/16Ethics, Law and Risk ManagementRichard Bloch, Esq.
11/20/16 Pediatric Anxiety DisordersShreya Hessler, Psy.D.
10/17/16Hypnosis as an Adjunct to Dream InterpretationPeter Demuth, Psy.D.
9/18/16 Working with Meaning in Life in PsychotherapyClara Hill, Ph.D.
6/26/16 Treatment of Sexual Disorders William Petok, Ph.D.
5/15/16 Feminist Therapy with Black Clients Leslie Leathers, Ph.D.
4/17/16 “High End” Autism Spectrum Disorder Eve Band, Ph.D. (Diversity)
3/20/16 Anxiety-Based School RefusalJonathan Dalton, Ph.D.
2/28/16 Sports PsychologyDaniel Zimet, Ph.D.
12/20/2015OCD and the FamilyJonathan Hershfield, MFT 
11/15/2015Hoarding Disorder: Conceptualization and Clinical InterventionsElspeth Bell, Ph.D.
10/18/2015Practicing Psychology in a Technology World:  Ethical, Legal and Clinical IssuesRichard Bloch, Esq.
9/20/2015Worry and Subtle OCD:  When Traditional CBT and Coping Skills Can Be CounterproductiveSally Winston, PsyD
6/14/2015Sleep DisordersNeal Morris, EdD
5/17/2015All in the Family: Supporting and Empowering Families with DisabilitiesSara Palmer, PhD
5/18/2014 Role of the Psychologist in the Treatment of ObesityRoth, Ph.D.
4/17/2014 Topics in the OCD SpectrumWinston, Psy.D.
3/16/2014 Antidepressants, How Far Have We ComeJonas, M.D.
2/16/2014 Thinking About Psychological Assessment Jennifer Neeman, Ph.D.
1/26/2014 Mood Disorders in the DSM-5Durwood Whitten, Ph.D.
12/15/2013 Addictions, The Inside StoryRichard Prodey, MA, MS
11/17/2013DSM 5Durwood Whitten, Ph.D.
10/20/2013DBT: Principles and PracticeMaria Mouratidis, Psy.D.
9/22/2013 Ethical Considerations in Educational Report WritingWayne Steedman, Esq.
6/16/2013 The Psychology of Child Custody Legislation and LitigationShokek
5/19/2013Neurological and Psychological Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of HeadachesRibeiro & Waranch
4/21/2013 Hypnosis: Current TrendsDasinger & McTamney
3/15/2013 Sexual AddictionsKraft
2/17/2013Psychologist as a Witness & Subpoenas:  Expert, Fact or FearBloch
1/20/2013Conceptualizing and Treating African American FamiliesJohnson
12/16/2012Post Traumatic Stress DisorderCastro & Jacoby


Non-members who would like to join us should contact the CCBC Call Center, (443) 840-4700 and register.

Non-Members Fees

One Session, Baltimore County Resident                                          $35.00

One Session, Non-Baltimore County Resident                                 $45.00           

ACCREDITATION:  BPA, in conjunction with the Community College of Baltimore County, is approved by the Maryland State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. BPA maintains responsibility for this program and its content.