• To enhance and promote the profession of psychology and promote human welfare
  • To offer high quality, low cost education to our members on a wide range of psychological issues of interest and relevance to clinicians

Vision Statement

  • To increase and diffuse psychological knowledge through meetings, discussions and achievements
  • To provide a mechanism where members can participate in professional and social activities towards enhancing networks and referrals
  • To provide the best continuing education at reasonable prices for psychologists, clinical professional counselors and social workers

Benefits of membership

  • Acquire up to 33 c.e.u.s. annually at reasonable prices
  • Receive timely information about upcoming BPA activities and events
  • Provide regular opportunities for members to network and build relationships with colleagues (practitioners, policy makers and educators)


  • Federal designation: Non-profit, tax exempt organization with a 501(C) status with the IRS
    State designation: Domestic non-stock, non-profit tax exempt organization providing continuing education for members